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Insurance Claims

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Why Homeowners  Opt For Our Free Insurance Claim Mediation

Let's say a homeowner files a claim, and their insurance adjuster comes out and says there's no damage to their property. Typically a homeowner is not going to get on their roof to double check  and even if they did, they most likely would not know what they're looking for.

Let's say the adjuster does approve damage to be repaired, and writes a check to the homeowner. How does the homeowner know that  everything that was supposed to be paid for was actually paid for? What if the check is not enough?

So what' the solution? If the adjuster is there in the best interest of the insurance company, and there's no second professional opinion, the homeowner is really at a disadvantage, and is in a position where they can only hope they get a fair and accurate assessment from their insurance adjuster. Who represents the homeowner? You would never go to court without a lawyer, right? If the adjuster shows up to your property on behalf of the insurance company, then Southern Guardian should be there on behalf of you.

Specifically Trained And Certified To Handle Your Claim

When a severe storm hits, your home and everything inside it can become vulnerable and shaken. What to do in these moments can seem confusing and complicated. It doesn't have to be. Southern Guardian LLC answers all storm damage phone calls 24/7. We want to be your first call, so we can assure that your property damage is handled properly. First we'll come out and assess the damage. As a HAAG certified storm damage inspector, there is nobody in the Chattanooga area more qualified to inspect your damaged property. We will perform free emergency tarping if necessary so no further damage occurs, and if you choose, we can assist in filing a homeowner's insurance claim and prepare to meet with the adjuster on your behalf when he/she comes out.

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What Exactly Does It Mean To Be HAAG Certified?

In the roofing and insurance industries, the phrase "Haag Certified" carries a lot of weight. It indicates that you can effectively and efficiently inspect and assess damage. Your report conclusions have a deeper level of credibility. Ultimately, with the damage assessment techniques gained in HAAG's Certification course, our value to our clients is increased exponentially. Other inspectors lack the skills and knowledge gained by passing the courses developed and taught by practicing forensic engineers. We are  proud to be the only contractor in the Chattanooga area that has this certification. For verification, click the HAAG certified inspector badge.

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