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Complete Roof Replacement

There is peace in mind in knowing that your roof is a Southern Guardian roof.

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Composite Roofing

The most widely used roofing material is the composite shingle. These shingles come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. Depending on the product, the warranty can range from 25 to 50 years or “Lifetime.”  With a great value for the relatively low price it is no wonder why roughly 75% of roofs in the Chattanooga area are composite shingles.

Key Points

  • The most popular roofing material in the Chattanooga Area

  • Options include 3-tab, architectural and Luxury Shingles

  • Easy to install and maintain

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Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a light weight, strong and long-lasting material great for any roof. With coating options for heat reflection and protection in harsh environments, metal can be used throughout the Southeast Region.

Key Points

  • Light Weight Material

  • Long lasting and easy to maintain

  • Great for all seasons

Nobody documents your roof replacement like we do!

We want you to know we performed your roof replacement just how we said we would. The superior materials and methods we use are our proprietor combination, and should be a reason you choose us. Our on-staff drone pilot will document every phase of the project for you.

Before We Start



At the "tear-off" phase it is important to remove all of the existing shingles, fasteners and underlayment. Some contractors will tear the old shingles off, leave the existing underlayment and drive all the existing nails into the sheathing before they lay their new underlayment. This creates many vulnerabilities for your new roofing system, and will almost always lead to premature failure. Southern Guardian Roofing pops every underlayment nail/staple and roofing nail so that we have nice, clean sheathing the start our new roofing system. Without a bare deck, it is near impossible to address any damage that may hidden underneath the previous underlayment. All flashings and decking are inspected at this time. See Below.


"Dry In"

The "Dry In" phase is the most crucial phase of the replacement process. The way we assemble this part of our process will carry it's own 6 month exposure guarantee. The superior products and methods used here are game changers. First we cover all valleys and protruding elements such as vents and skylights with Ice and Water Shield. Most contractors say they do this but with us, you have the photos to reassure it has been done. Next we use superior synthetic underlayment instead of the brittle, fragile "tar paper" felt. The anchors we use for this material are nails with a water-shedding washer, not the cheap staples that you see so many roofing contractors use. All plumbing vent boots are replaced at this time. See Below.



All shingles are installed per manufacturers specifications. As a HAAG certified roof inspector, we do many inspections for homeowners down the road after another contractor's roof has failed. The most common issue we see seems so very simple, but appears over and over. Improper nail placement. Too high, over-driven, under-driven or anchored at an angle. All of these contribute roof failure, and a void of the manufactures warranties. We simply train our professionals to properly fasten the shingles, oversee the installation and inspect them after completion. This is why we are comfortable giving a 10 year workmanship warranty with all complete roof replacements. See Below.


Final Product


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